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WC Health New Generation Toilet

Antibacterial surface technology prevents reproduction of bacteria by 99.9% thanks to silver ions added to the glaze of ceramic product. Thus bathrooms stop to be locations of risk in terms of hygiene and can be used safely.

‘WC Health’
Having signed unique firsts in pursuit of health, hygiene and comfort, Güral Vit created WC Health by combining functionality with an aesthetic concept addressing our health and inspired by the healthiest merge of European and Turkish styles of toilets. This unique design took its place in the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany.

‘WC Health’ New Generation Toilet
We are not talking about an ordinary sanitary ware at all! Güral Vit created a brand new product as a result of its efforts for developing healthy products according to our habits from the past and our future expectations as well. With WC Health, we attempt to find the most suitable anatomic position for human body.

Squatting is healthy…
Health problems such as constipation, haemorrhoid, colon cancer and reflux which are among the most important diseases of our age are directly proportional to squatting. Anatomically, squatting toilet system is the healthiest method. WC Health designed by Güral Vit is a new toilet system created by incorporating the natural squatting position of human into the closet system.

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